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I have two of the newest a-England shades to share with you today!  I love a-England.  Like seriously love.  Every single one of their polishes is perfect.  Well, at least all of them that I have tried.  This indie brand out of the UK is known for their one coat holos and interesting shades.  I would purchase any new collection from a-England site on seen without looking at any swatches I and I have).  These two new shades are part of the Heavenly Quotes collection which is a continuously running collection that has singles or duos added to it throughout the year.  These are the two new ones and they are beautiful!

a-England at Color4Nails - Heavenly Quotes - McPolish

We are going to start with my favorite, Sparks Divine.  I don't think I need to explain how much I love neutral shades of polish again...but I love them.  Especially when they have a little something extra but still work appropriate.  Sparks Divine is a golden toned beige polish with a soft scattered holo.  I get a slight linear holo effect at certain angles that gives off a bronzy/pink flash.  You can see it a little bit on my middle and ring finger tips if you squint your eyes and turn your head to the left.  The formula was awesome as per usual.  This is two easy coats with a glossy top coat

a-England at Color4Nails - Heavenly Quotes - McPolish - Sparks Divine

a-England at Color4Nails - Heavenly Quotes - McPolish - Sparks Divine

Now the shade that I think will be everyone's fave.  Whispering Waves is such a great mermaid shade.  This is a ocean blue teal with a mix of soft linear and scattered holographic shimmer.  This baby flashes pink/violet at an angle which gives it a little something extra.  The formula is nice and I used two coats with a glossy top coat.  As with many blue/teal polishes, this one can be a stainer.  Since I was only swatching this and didn't have it on long, I can't talk about the staining power on the nail.  But it did seem to tint my cuticles a little.  So be cautious like you would with any blue/teal polish.

a-England at Color4Nails - Heavenly Quotes - McPolish - Whispering Waves

a-England at Color4Nails - Heavenly Quotes - McPolish - Whispering Waves

These two polishes are available now from the a-England store which is great if you are in the UK.  But here in the US, I get all of my a-England polishes from Color4Nails.  They always have a great selection and get the new collection very quickly.  Plus, they ship internationally and the shipping prices are very reasonable.  Get you some lovelies!

Color4Nails online store
a-England online store

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  1. I looooove me some A- England polishes! :) And I own the Whispering Waves already but haven't swatched it yet. The other one is beautiful too, but I'm on a budget so this kind of polishes have to wait on my wishlist. ^^

    Love, Lotte

    1. Yes...Whispering Waves seems like a totally Lotte polish ;)