Barielle's New ProSina Signature Line

Hi folks!

I have a few shades from new line of polishes from Barielle to share with you today.  Barielle has created a new line of polishes by taking some of the shades from their original collection and infused them with ProSina.  ProSina is a hydrolyzed keratin that helps improve durability and overall health of the nail.  So you not only get great color but nail polish that actually treats the nail.  The Barielle ProSina Signature Collection promises to be pregnancy safe and 5-free, so no icky chemicals to worry about.  I have just two colors from the collection of 100+ colors to try out but I am excited to try more.  They applied beautifully and had the added benefit of a treatment.  Make sure to check out the individual swatches after this cute little double side dot mani. :)

Barielle ProSina Signature Collection - McPolish - #doublesidedots

"In Good Taste" is a cool toned chocolate creme polish infused with ProSina.  It is rich and creamy and applied like a dream.  I did two coats for this swatch with a glossy top coat.  It dried pretty glossy on it's own without a top coat but I am too impatient to not use one.

Barielle ProSina Signature Collection - McPolish - In Good Taste

"Blackened Bleu" is a blackened jelly base with an intense bright blue shimmer throughout.  This also is infused with the ProSina keratin.  With the more jelly like base, this color was more sheer and required three coats to make it completely opaque.  This, too, is topped with a glossy top coat.  Dat Shimma is gorgeous!

Barielle ProSina Signature Collection - McPolish - Blackened Bleu

This new ProSina Collection is available now from the Barielle website.  You can usually find this brand at local beauty supply stores as well.  There are other nail treatments along with this collection for different ailments of you nails, so be sure to check those out while you are on the site.

- Amy McG (McPolish)

*products provided by the maker for honest review*



  1. Wow! These look great. I never thought, I'd like brown that much. :)

    Love, Lotte