Lavish Polish - Fall 2016 Collection


I have some pretty amazing polishes to share with you today.  I have raved before about my love for Lavish Polish formulas.  Their crelly and jelly polish formula is one of my absolute favorite in the business.  Well, this collection of holos are just perfect, too!  The Fall 2016 Collection consists of 5 linear holographic in deep, saturated colors and impeccable crelly formula.  The colors are so vivid and perfect for any time of the year.  And the formulas are amazing.  Not only do they watermarble like a dream but they were all one coaters for me. every one of these photos, I am showing you one generous coat with a glossy top coat.  No lie!  This collection just launched today, so lets take a look at these amazing shades.

Lavish Polish - Fall 2016 Collection - McPolish

Pumpkin Patch -  A deep, red toned orange linear holographic crelly.  I am calling these a crelly because they are squishy like a jelly but super opaque.  This is a great shade of orange for fall and summer.  The holographic is good and this is only one coat here.  I used all five colors of this collection for the watermarble design on my accent nail.

Lavish Polish - Fall 2016 Collection - McPolish - Pumpkin Patch

Dancing Leaves - A bright, saturated canary yellow linear holographic crelly.  Anyone who has used a yellow polish before, knows how amazing this shade is.  One coat. ONE COAT!  I literally said "What the F***!" out loud when I painted the first nail.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  How could a squishy yellow be this opaque?  This is a must have.

Lavish Polish - Fall 2016 Collection - McPolish - Dancing Leaves

Fall Festival -  A teal leaning emerald green linear holographic crelly.  This color!  I love this shade of green.  It is a little blue, a little teal, but all jewel toned.   It is opaque in one coat and I wore it for 2 days with no staining.  Score!

Lavish Polish - Fall 2016 Collection - McPolish - Fall Festival

Cloudy Skies - A bright, primary blue linear holographic crelly.  This polish is so bright that name is deceiving.  It is another shade that would be great for year round.  Application was a dream and opaque in one coat.

Lavish Polish - Fall 2016 Collection - McPolish - Cloudy Skies

Shades of Autumn - A jewel toned dark purple linear holographic crelly.  This is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  It is dark and beautiful for fall but would look great in the winter as well.  Amazing formula.

Lavish Polish - Fall 2016 Collection - McPolish - Shades of Autumn

I really can't gush about this collection enough.  Dancing Leaves is a total must have but, honestly, the entire collection is worth every penny.  These polishes are available right now for $12.00 each or you can get the full collection of 5 for $55.00 with free shipping.  Plus!  Use my coupon code 'MCPOLISH15' for 15% off of you entire order.  You really have no excuse not to get the entire collection now.  It's only $46.75 with my code and that includes shipping!  Have I convinced you? :)

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  -Amy McG (McPolish)

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  1. You convinced me, Amy! I just placed an order.

  2. Wow, the teal and the purple - amazing! :)

    Love, Lotte

    1. They are all amazing, but I knew you would like those two the best ;)