Takko Tuesday! - Alchemist

Happy Takko Tuesday!

The Takko Lacquer polishes that I had left to share with you all for Takko Tuesday had dwindled down to only a few.  I was getting very nervous that I wouldn't have new polishes to share and this little series would have to take a vacation until new collections came out.  But I scoured the internet and scooped up a couple of older polishes in destash sales to keep this series going strong.  The things I do for love :)

Today, we are going to take a look at Alchemist!  When I found this in a destash sale, I could have sworn that I already had it.  But I couldn't find anywhere that I had posted it or find the bottle lurking in some hidden spot in my nail polish stash.  I snagged it regardless.  Even if I already had it, I could find it a loving home if I duped myself.  Alchemist was originally released in the fall of 2014.  It is a pale gold foil with tons of yellow gold and silver flakies and holographic sparkle.  It looks like your nails are actual gold jewelry when you wear it.  It is very shiny but not in-your-face holographic.  Nice and elegant.  The formula was nice, too.  It is a little streaky on the first coat but covers completely on the second.  I am showing you two coats here with a glossy top coat.  I wore this all day as a full mani and just loved it!

Takko Lacquer - Alchemist - McPolish

Takko Lacquer - Alchemist - McPolish

Takko Lacquer - Alchemist - McPolish

Since this is an older takkito, I am not sure when/if this will be restocked.  Sheryl had brought it back last year during a restock, so maybe it will show up again.  Be sure to follow Takko Lacquer on their social media for up to date news about restocks and new releases.  I did see this still available on Femme Fatale.  So if you really want it, snag it there before it's gone!

Takko Lacquer shop and restock info
Takko Lacquer Instagram and Twitter
Takko Lacquer stockists: Color4NailsMei Mei Signatures, Femme Fatale, Color4Nail

Many thanks!

Amy McG aka McPolish

*product purchased by me*


  1. It's such a beautiful gold! :) Reminds me a bit about dragon scales (in a dragon series I read, the gold dragons were the strongest ones).