Delicate Print Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly

Hello all!

I am loving my mani for this week's challenge prompt!  Usually, I end up picking some delicate floral design to stamp on my nails for this theme.  Which I originally did but hated the way the manicure photographed and decided to redo it.  I am glad I chose an edgier delicate print the second time around!  My mani is inspired by motherboards.  They are neat little items.  They are very structured and precise but all of the teeny tiny parts welded together in an intricate detailed pattern make it quite delicate.  Do you agree?

Delicate Print Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - motherboard nails

For this manicure, I started off with a base of Cirque Colors "McKittrick" which a dark green creme.  Then, I used the MoYou London SciFi 06 plate to stamp on the circuit pattern.  I just couldn't leave it like that.  I destroyed an old internet modem/router to the motherboard and picked off tiny items to glue to my nails.  Total nerd alert!  

Delicate Print Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - motherboard nails

Delicate Print Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - motherboard nails

Delicate Print Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - motherboard nails

I will totally do this type of nail art again!  It's nerdy and hella cool.  Plus, I just like sticking tiny objects to my nails.  

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Amy McG aka McPolish

*purchased by me*


  1. I love that you stuck actual bits from a real circuit board to your nails! That takes this to the next level.

    1. get on my level! Haha.

      But seriously, stick little bits of things to your nails. it usually turns out great :)

  2. What a coincidence, because I work for a company that assembles these circuit boards and I am in the purchase department. So I buy these little thingies - we call them 'the chickenfood' - every day. :) Love your mani!

    Love, Lotte

  3. this looks so cool! ive always wanted to try something like this, but me and stamping plates dont get along, and it looks like freehand would take hours upon hours. Beautiful manicure :)