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Happy Takko Tuesday!

I am still waiting on new Takko Lacquers to share with you all.  For the time being, I am searching through destash lists looking for the last few older Takkitos missing from my collection.  Today, I am sharing an older shade that I forgot I even had!  It is an older shade from summer of 2013.  "Head Will Roll" is thermal polish.  I was still able to get my bottle to color change after all these years, even though it was not as dark as it would originally have been.  "Heads Will Roll" is a sheer shimmery polish when warm that shifts to a light berry pink when cold.  Originally, it shifted to a pretty opaque raspberry color.  I was only able to get mine to a light pink after dunking my hand in ice water.  I do live in Florida, so I usually have a hard time with thermal polishes in the summer.  It's just too hot!

Takko Lacquer - Head Will Roll - McPolish

Even though the cold state pink shade didn't come out as well for me, I am still in love with the shimmer.  This has a bright blue shimmer that shifts to pink at an angle along with some fine holographic sparkle.  In it's warm, sheer state, you can see a lot of my nail line.  Honestly, this is the type of polish I wear most often when I am in a hurry.  Just toss on a sheer shimmer, no clean up and out the door.  It is what I wore all the time before I knew what clean up was.  I like to show off my VNL!

Takko Lacquer - Head Will Roll - McPolish

Takko Lacquer - Head Will Roll - McPolish

I have had this shade for a while now and have worn it a few times.  It was sent in a care package from Indie500Nails a few years ago.  I am not sure if this will ever be restocked but you can always check out destash sales to look for it.  I do have some restock news for you though!  Takko Lacquer will be restocking the Gems and Crystals Collection along with a few older faves on July 21st at 8pm EST.  SET YOUR ALARM!!

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Amy McG aka McPolish
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  1. I think I said that before sometime: I'm such a shimmer or sheer glitter polish in a hurry girl, too. :)

    Love, Lotte