Takko Tuesday! - Boys Tears

Happy Takko Tuesday!

So...what did you guys snag up during the pre-order this past weekend?  There were lots of fun new shades to choose from.  Hopefully, you added "Boys Tears" to your cart.  This is a truly awesome polish....probably my favorite from the Late Summer 2017 Collection.  "Boys Tears" is a slightly teal leaning medium blue creme packed with metallic rose gold microflakies.  So cool!

Takko Lacquer - Boys Tears - McPolish

I am just loving this combination of colors.  The blue base is slightly green leaning.  Quite a sophisticated color.  And then you add in those rose gold flakies and for a delightful contrasting shimmer.  Great...just great.  

Takko Lacquer - Boys Tears - McPolish

The formula was really nice as well.  The polish applied smoothly and was not too thick.  I am showing you two coats with glossy top coat here.  Oh...and fresh nubs.  I love fresh nubs.  

Takko Lacquer - Boys Tears - McPolish

Do you love this shade as much as I do?  Sheryl said it was her favorite of the collection, too.  If you happened to miss the preorder this past weekend, don't worry.  I am sure there will be another regular restock coming up after the preorders are shipped.  Be sure to check back here and stay tuned to Takko Lacquer's social media for the restock announcement.

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Amy McG aka McPolish

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  1. I really had to hold myself back... This is so beautiful! :)

    Love, Lotte

  2. Wow, what a lovely shade. Your detailed review about the polish has definitely convinced me to purchase it, will get it on my next visit because can't wait to try it out for myself. It looks lovely on your hands!