Takko Tuesday! - Marie Antoinette

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I am slowly but surely collection those last few takkitos to make my collection complete.  (insert meme of Ariel and nail polish here)  I was able to snag Takko Lacquer shade that I have been pining over for years.  And she is just as beautiful in real life as I hoped shed would be!  "Marie Antoinette" is a classic takko shimmer.  This originally came out in 2013 I believe can was in a collection of other great shades with a similar Marie Antoinette inspiration.  I was always drawn to this shade because it had that contrasting shimmer that Takko Lacquer has become known for.

Takko Lacquer - Marie Antoinette - McPolish

"Marie Antoinette" is a soft baby blue with a touch of mint that leans a little on the dusty side.  It is the same shade of blue that is commonly associated with famous French monarch.  It is packed with a bright pink shimmer that flashes off the nail at an angle.  The formula was slightly squishy which I like.  I am showing you three coats with glossy top coat here.  A lovely shade for spring!

Takko Lacquer - Marie Antoinette - McPolish

Takko Lacquer - Marie Antoinette - McPolish

If you ever see this polish in a destash...be sure to snatch it up!  Maybe we could see a comeback of this collection someday?  There are many fan favorites in it.  I will continue my hunt of those last remaining Takkos for you all.  Until then, keep a close eye on Takko Lacquer's social media for any new on restocks and new releases.

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Amy McG aka McPolish
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  1. This is another of these delicate and somehow muted colors with shimmer from Sheryl. She always does an amazing job with these. :)

    Love, Lotte