Metallic Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly

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I am a week behind (I am sorry) with the challenge but I plan on catching up this week!  I had a little bit of a nail fail this week.  But instead of putting it off even longer, I figured I would share anyways.  You guys like to see nail fails everyone once and a while, right?  Don't get me wrong.  In real life, this mani looks fly.  But up close, it is a bit of a mess.  And the process was a hassle (I don't love gel polish).  But here it is!

Metallic Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish

I started with a base of P2 Cosmetics "Funky Babe" which is a bright, almost neon  pink creme.  I put gel top coat over the entire mani so I could burnish on metallic gold chrome powder from Born Pretty Store.    It goes on the smoothest and most dense over gel polish.  The gold over the pink made for an awesome orange shade, so bonus there!

Metallic Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish

Before I sealed it all in with another coat of gel polish, I added these fun little 3D nail stickers from Sally Hansen.  You have to cut them to fit the nail length and they can go under regular nail polish (not just gels).   They actually work well under regular nail polish.  I tried that technique out first but the gold chrome powder didn't stick to the regular polish well.  So I had to start over.  But it really did look cool on it's own without the powder and gel.

Metallic Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish

Well...I am happy with the overall concept of these nails but not totally in love with the finished product.  I will definitely play around with these textured appliques again.  I purchased two types of designs to try out.  Have you guys ever used them before?

If you want to keep up with everyone else doing the challenge this year or want in join in yourself, be sure to use the tag #31DC2018Weekly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. sure to check out what my German bestie, Lotte, is creating each week on her blog!

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Amy McG aka McPolish
*some products purchased by me, some sent for review previously*

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