Check out this recap of my posts for the weekly version of the 31 Day Nail art Challenge!  I started the weekly version in 2016 so I could have a longer time to finish it completely.  I plan to do this each year.  Won't you join me!?!?

Just click on the photos to take you to the post where I talk about how I created each nail art look.

#31DC2016Weekly prompts

01: Red Nails

02: Orange Nails

03: Yellow Nails

04: Green Nails

05: Blue Nails

06: Violet Nails

07: Black and White Nails

08: Metallic Nails

09: Rainbow Nails

10: Gradient Nails

11: Polka Dots

12: Stripes

13: Animal Print

14: Flowers

15: Delicate Print

16: Geometric

17: Glitter

18: Half Moon

19: Galaxy

20: Watermarble

21: Inspired by a Color

22: Inspired by a Song

23: Inspired by a Movie

24: Inspired by a Book

25: Inspired by Fashion

26: Inspired by a Pattern

27: Inspired by Artwork

28: Inspired by a Flag

29: Inspired by the Supernatural

30: Inspired by a Tutorial

31: Honor Nails You Love

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