Disclosure Policy

This blog does not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions. We will and do accept and keep free products from companies and organizations for honest review. The products received will never influence our opinion of the product, and each free product is disclosed. Please contact us for further details.

At this time Polish Etc contains no sponsored posts or advertisements, and we are not currently seeking any contracts.

We are not experts, nor do we claim to be. We simply give our opinion to the best of our ability. We make no guarantee about the effectiveness or quality of any product. These reviews are based on personal experience, which may be different than your experience. Please feel free to disagree with us about any product. We can agree to disagree.

There are new buttons on the blog:

Press Sample and Referral Links

These buttons are in compliance with the new FTC Disclosure requirements which require the disclosure of the source for any product(s) received for review.

While most products you see on Polish Etc are purchased with our own money, some of them are sent by company representatives in return for an honest review of their product. If a blog post contains one or more item(s)you will see the blue Press Sample button at the top and bottom of the post. The products received will never influence our opinions of the product, and all reviews are based on our own experience. We will only endorse products or services that we believe, based on personal experience, are worthy of such endorsement. For items that are free samples (given to me with no intention of a review, aka "no strings attached") the blue button will also appear.

If a polish or product is purchased with our personal money including items purchased on sale, then no button will appear at the top of the post. Any products that appear in a blog sale or giveaway were purchased with personal money unless otherwise disclosed (see blue button). Please note buttons are only included on posts after 3/27/13.

The purple Referral Links button at the beginning of a post indicates that links in the post contain referral links, or links to external websites that give some credit if you click the link or complete an action. If you have any questions regarding the use of these buttons please contact polishetc@gmail.com.

(This disclosure was written by Rebecca, however, I referenced Beauty and Fashion Tech while considering what to include, and apologize for any unintended similarities)


  1. Would you mind if I used your disclosure as a reference/starting point to write my own? I completely understand if you would prefer I didn't!

    1. You are welcome to Alice! It's tricky to know where to start with these things.

  2. I was wondering what program you use to put your name on your nail photos?

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