China Glaze Full Spectrum and Wet n Wild Coloricon comparison

I just picked up China Glaze Full Spectrum and decided to do a quick comparison with two Wet n Wild Coloricon polishes.

Pointer and ring fingers are China Glaze Full Spectrum. Middle finger is Wet n Wild Jewels For Your Highness and pinky finger is Wet n Wild Coloricon The Crown Is Mine. Three coats of each polish with no top coat.

Jewels For Your Highness is more pink than it appears in these photos and doesn't match Full Spectrum. In real life, Full Spectrum and The Crown Is Mine are a near perfect color match. The China Glaze polish is denser and seems to have more of the larger multicolor glitter than the Wet n Wild Polish. I think you could probably get away with either the Wet n Wild polishes or the China Glaze since these are so similar.

Both polishes are equally sparkly and pretty. I think any of these would make a layering polish.

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