OPI DS Temptation

OPI DS Temptation is one of my old favorites (even though it's from fall 2011, but I've worn it so many times that it feels like an old friend). It has a dark blueish purple jelly base, and so much glitter that the base is irrelevant. There is big purple glitter, and little purple glitter interspersed with blue and silver glitter. It's so pretty and sparkly.

Unfortunately, DS Temptation dries like sandpaper (high grit sandpaper at that). It usually takes me three or more thick coats of top coat to get a glossy shine, but all of the top coat is completely necessary to appreciate how pretty this polish is. I always get compliments.

The wear is average for a dense glitter, this is the next morning after I did the manicure and the tip wear is obvious. Because of the thick top coat(s) it tends to fall off as one big piece of glitter so removal is a cinch for me.

Blurry to show the sparkle:

Lastly, just for kicks I thought I would share the first mani I took a picture of: OPI DS Temptation. Not only is it a horrible picture, my nails are so short they're practically non-existent!

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