Sinful Colors Swatches

Today I have two Sinful Colors lacquers for you. Two unique shades in my collection

First is Let's Talk from their new Color Block Collection. This one is IMPOSSIBLE to capture in photos! It's blue, and it's purple, but it's actually some crazy radioactive shade in between the two! What an amazing color! In dark light it's a deep vivid purple. In sunlight or bright fluorescent Let's Talk turns into this amazing radioactive blue. It. Just. Glows!

Most color accurate: (Incandescent light)

Crazy blue! (Fluorescent light)

Indoors (with flash)

And that purple! (This was literally taken two seconds after the color accurate photo.

Next is Tokyo Pearl, a sheer, shiny, pearly white. Application was streaky (as most pearls are) and I unfortunately had some bad problems with bubbling (see second picture below).

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