Red Jelly Sandwich

My favorite color of nail polish would probably have to be red. Not the bright red with orange tones, but a true, deep red or ruby red. Maroon and berry red are just as pretty. I've come to collect quite a few different reds and at this point I'm quite convinced that my friends and family can't tell them apart. To them red could mean China Glaze Ruby Pumps, A-England Perceval, or OPI Manicurist of Seville. They're all red right?

That's why I love having this blog! to share all of the little differences in my favorite nail color whether they be subtle reds or complex, simple or obvious.

Today's NOTD is a jelly sandwich. If you haven't seen a jelly sandwich before it's two (or more) layers of a colored jelly nail polish with a layer (or more) of glitter in between. For today's jelly I chose OPI's Vodka and Caviar. Vodka and Caviar is from the Russian Collection and is a great jelly. It's mostly opaque in 2 coats but I usually use three when I wear it solo. The application is very smooth (although for some reason I usually end up with this one all over my cuticles). For a glitter I chose OPI Crown Me Already! Which can be seen here back when my nails were a bit shorter. Crown Me Already is small silver glitter and large hexagonal glitter in a clear base.

The jelly sandwich was really easy due to the opacity of Vodka and Caviar and the dense glitter of Crown Me Already. I used one coat of Vodka and Caviar, one of Crown Me Already then a second coat of Vodka and Caviar. I smoothed it out with SV and this is the result.

For once something turned out EXACTLY how I imagined it. Although the red and silver glitter is a bit reminiscent of Ruby Pumps, the big hexagonal glitter and lighter red adds a whole new depth to the jelly sandwich. Since Crown Me Already is so dense there's the perfect amount of glitter. With 3 coats it dried very quickly and I am quite content. :)

What is your favorite nail color?

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