Dollish Polish California Gurl

I was lucky enough to grab a few bottles of nail polish from the fantastic nail polish maker Dollish Polish during her last opening. I believe most of the colors sold out within 2 minutes and I'm shocked that I managed to nab as many minis as I did.

Dollish Polish California Gurl is pink and blue glitter in a clear base. It's definitely a layering polish and you see it here layered over OPI La Paz-itively Hot (a hot-pink with subtle shimmer). California Gurl has fairly dense glitter and I only had to use two coats.

I absolutely love this mix of pink and blue and holographic glitter. It's so pretty!

The glitter, from most prominent to least prominent: tiny circular pink glitter, small circular blue glitter, small pink and blue holographic hexagonal glitter, and large holographic hexagonal blue glitter.

Dollish Polish can be purchased from As I write this the polish is all sold out but if you watch the updates from facebook you should be able to catch a re-stock!

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