Zoya Ki

Zoya Ki is a pretty little gem that somehow escaped my notice until recently. When I was trying to decide what to buy with Zoya's Earth Day 50% initiative, I came across her, and I couldn't be happier.

Zoya Ki is a dark purple to a silvery green duochrome. The best part about this polish is that the purple is dark and gorgeous, and the duochrome is quite strong. I couldn't get enough of this polish. I just love looking at it. This is the first duochrome I've owned that I truly love, I usually find them a bit watery like Wet n Wild Grey's Anatomy, or too subtle like Essie Dive Bar. Ki has it both, the dark color and easy formula of Dive Bar, with the incredible color changing abilities of Grey's Anatomy. Ki is a real chameleon.

Now on to the good part, the duochrome! It's a dark silvery green, and it is oh so pretty! It's just as impressive (if not more) in person.

.. just look at that beautiful bottle of duochrome...

The formula was great, two flawless coats. I'm a habitual two-coater so anything that takes too many more just annoys me. :-P

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