Fluff Friday: Let's Talk Hummus

Starting this week, Fridays are going to be "Fluff Fridays," in other words no nail polish. I decided this for several reasons:

  1. After a long work week, sometimes renewing my nails becomes a low priority
  2. I have a lot more interests than just my polish obsession. ;)
  3. Sometimes, it's fun to talk about something other than nail polish!

So today what I have for you is simple, delicious, and healthy: hummus.

Hummus is one of my favorite snacks and I'm always buying new brand trying to find the perfect flavor. My favorite has to be the hummus served with warm fresh pita bread that you can get in a local Charleston restaurant, Mallow Mushroom (not only do they have fantastic pizza, you can feel better buy ordering a healthier appetizer than those breadsticks dipped in garlic butter). The last time I was there I tried to analyze the flavors that make it so delectable. Chick peas, tahini, and a little citrus -- simple classic hummus. 

My top three hummus brands would have to be:

It's fresh, it's delicious, I don't know what to say other than yum! I could practically eat this with a spoon it's so fresh and light. I dip carrots or carrot sticks in it that don't cover up the flavor. This one doesn't last as long in the fridge because it is fresh, but it's worth going to the store more often.
#2 - Tribe Hummus - classic (their Cilantro Chimichurri is also amazing if you like cilantro and garlic)
A bit creamier than the publix hummus, it has the same basic flavors and is much more commonly available. Definitely my favorite commercial brand, it has a lot more citrus flavor than others like Sabra.
#3 - Trader Joe's Freshly Made Hummus Dip
Great flavor, this one is a bit chunkier again (yum!) but doesn't have quite as much flavor than the other two. The tahini flavor is less prominent, and it almost tastes like another spice - cumin I think. The fresh hummus is definitely the way to go at Trader Joe's, it packs so much more flavor. 
The best thing to dip.... Trader Joe's Pita Chips - absolutely amazing. Great flavor, super crunchy, and even available reduced fat!


  1. haha yeah, even though nail polish is awesome, it doesn't define the people we are :D omg i loveee hummus! there's this farmer market i used to go to for this one hummus... all i can remember is that it had sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese, maybe some other ingredients but those were the ones i remember.. it had a really strong flavor and was on the salty/savory side. but anyway, that dip with pita chips was frikkin AMAZING. bah, i think i just made myself hungry >___<

    1. Oh that sounds amazing. Feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes? yum! I need to learn to make my own hummus and try amazing things like that. :)