Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise Swatch

Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise is part of the Footloose collection, released celebrating the Footloose movie last fall. The collection was released exclusively on HSN and sold in duos. Almost Paradise came with a bright tomato red creme called Footloose. When I picked up the set recently I paid $10 for the pair. DL polishes for $5? Amazing!

Almost Paradise is a pretty pale green creme. It's not a bright lime, rather a much more subtle green. The application of this polish was absolutely amazing. I didn't have any clean up because it positively flowed onto my nail. This is two coats without top coat.

I'm normally not a fan of these white-based colors (I bought the set for the bright red of course!) and I was surprised to love Almost Paradise. Greens aren't very flattering on me, but I will definitely wear Almost Paradise.


  1. i really like this color! i've been looking for something similar, but had no idea this would be it :0 i saw that set a while back but passed up on it >< le sighs