Maybelline Color Show Dressed to Kill Swatch

In celebration of my favorite TV show returning for the 5th season later tonight (Sunday 9pm) I've sponsored a giveaway of some great vampy colors. Today is your last chance to enter my giveaway!

In addition to the end of my giveaway at midnight tonight I've got a bunch of great vampy swatches to show you today.

Something about the shape of the Maybelline Color Show bottles just makes me want to own all of them... I picked up Dressed to Kill a couple of days ago. Dressed to Kill is a dark brownish-red crelly (applies like a jelly but opaque like a creme). The photos below are two coats with no top coat because the polish is so incredibly shiny on its own.

Definitely a dark vampy red. It's so dark it looks almost black.

Have you picked up any of the Maybelline Color Show polishes? They aren't the most polish for your dollar but I love those bottles. 


  1. love this shade! damn it looks so shiny in the second pic lol. did you pick up any other shades from this line?

    1. I was pretty surprised that it was so shiny without SV. I also have Impeccable Greys, Fuchsia Fever, and Shocking Seas. They are expensive for being 0.23 fl oz but I've been impressed with all of them so far.