My Red Franken Creation

In celebration of my favorite TV show returning for the 5th season later tonight (Sunday 9pm) I've sponsored a giveaway of some great vampy colors. Today is your last chance to enter my giveaway!

In addition to the end of my giveaway at midnight tonight I've got a bunch of great vampy swatches to show you today.

This is a franken that I created with the intention of finding the perfect blood red. I used a clear base and a variety of different pigments and polishes to come up with this beauty! This franken has red, orange, and a touch of pink shimmer, a touch of red microglitter, and that perfect medium red color. In the bottle (one of the Manglaze franken bottles) it truly looks like a vial of blood. 

I am so happy with how this polish turned out, it looks exactly like I wanted, the formula was fantastic and dried very quickly.

Click to make the images bigger and appreciate the perfection of this franken!

As far as naming my creation... I have no idea! Suggestions are welcome!

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