Wonder Beauty Edward's Kiss Swatch and Review

In celebration of my favorite TV show returning for the 5th season later tonight (Sunday 9pm) I sponsored a giveaway of some great vampy colors. Today is your last chance to enter my giveaway!

In addition to the end of my giveaway at midnight tonight I've got a bunch of great vampy swatches to show you today.

I want to preface this review by saying that I've heard a lot of mixed reviews regarding Wonder Beauty Products with regards to their customer service. I did not have any technical problems with my order so this is a review of the product--the nail polish--nothing more.

My order came packaged in a cute little black bag and contained the nail polish in a cute little jar along with a mixing stick and the "liquid fusion" top coat.

Edward's Kiss according to the product description is supposed to look like blood and is a "Deep blackened blood plum red embellished with fine red garnet glitter dust." 

The mixing stick was definitely necessary. You can see below that the glitter settled to the bottom of the jar, and the pigments did too. When I was stirring the jar I really was reminded of blood the way the pigments swirl together. 

The smell was a bit strong, but not horribly unpleasant. The formula was pretty nice; I used three coats in the swatches below but topped it with my fast-drying Seche Vite rather than the Liquid Fusion top coat (which has become a great top coat for smoothing out glitter polishes before I use SV).

Overall I'm very happy with the color. I've been looking for the perfect "blood red" for a long time, and while this isn't my perfect red I've been searching for it's a very pretty color that I will be wearing again. The wear on this polish was incredible, it resisted tip wear and major chips for 3 days.

Wonder Beauty Products can be purchased in a jar or in a bottle from Wonder Beauty Products on Etsy and retail for $10. (I don't see this one available at the moment, but there are some polishes available). I purchased this polish when the bottle option wasn't available and paid $8.75.

I'm just so in love with indie polish that I'll try anything once. I haven't had any horrible experiences yet. Do you buy polish from Etsy?

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