Sally Hansen Loves Me Not Swatch and Review

If you've stayed tuned today for my vampy colors posts thanks! I appreciate it!

Last up is Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Loves Me Not (in case you are sick of reds). This is a black base with tons of duochrome micro-glitter. The glitter shifts from a light lilac purple to an almost dark navy blue. It really is quite stunning in person, since the color shift is fairly obvious. Even though the base is black the polish looks dark purple because of the abundance of glitter. It's a really cool color, and I was surprised to find something so unique in my local Walgreens.

The formula was fantastic, I hardly needed any cleanup. The best part? You're looking at a whopping one coat. There's no bare patches whatsoever and no, it isn't a thick coat, just one simple normal coat of polish and the mani looks perfect!

fluorescent lighting:

I don't normally wear colors this dark, especially in summer, how about you? This is one that I will be rocking on my toes come fall!

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