F4 Polish Mermaid's Tail Layering

I have a deep and dear love for all indie polishes. Whenever I see a review of a new brand that has great polish, great customer service, and something unique to my collection I always order a bottle (if I can). By now I have a nice little basket of indie polish minis. 

So when I first heard about F4 Polish I had to try it out myself. The polishes are blended by three sisters: Jenn, Lacey, and Lexey. I picked up Five colors: Mermaid's Tail, Rainbow Sky, Hawaiian Punch, Pink Cadilac, and Emerald City. 

First up is Mermaid's Tail, a dense blend of blue and lilac purple glitter in a clear base. Here is two coats layered over Julep Daphne, which adds a hit more green to the mix. The mani is very mermaid-esque and extremely sparkly (see blurry picture below). 

F4 Polish Mermaid's Tail - Sun

 F4 Polish Mermaid's Tail - Shade

F4 Polish Mermaid's Tail - Blur

F4 Polish Mermaid's Tail - Macro

All of my F4 Polishes have fantastic formulas. I've done swatches on a nail wheel and they are all 1-2 coats for layering and opaque at 3-4 without any fishing for specific glitters. If you are interested, F4 Polish is available on Etsy and a full size 0.5 oz bottle sells for $8. They will set up a custom order for anyone who wants mini-polishes and I paid just $16 for my five.  

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