Barry M Cobalt Blue Swatch

I've been using Barry M Cobalt Blue for a lot of nail art, but haven't actually swatched it yet! So here is Barry M, a beautiful blue creme. The formula is very nice, easy to control and I used 2 coats for full opacity. You could probably get away with one thick coat, as it is nicely pigmented.

This one will stain your cuticles though, so be careful with application, clean up isn't easy. 

I'm really happy with the three Barry M polishes that I own, they are pretty, creamy, shiny, and smooth. I'm always looking for a brand that can produce flawless cremes, and Barry M definitely gets top marks. Do you own any Barry M polishes? 

(For those of you in the USA, Barry M can be purchased from Harlow & Co.  for very reasonable prices.)

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