Aqua Daisy Summer Collection Swatches and Review

I couldn't decide which colors I liked the most from Aqua Daisy's summer collection, so I got them all!

Swatches after the jump!

The collection came in an extremely cute home-made box that fit the mini bottles perfectly. The pink ribbon slips off and a tray slides out with 5 cute little 1/8 oz bottles. 

Aqua Daisy Endless Summer
First up is Endless Summer, a bright orange-red jelly base packed with tiny yellow glitter and small fuchsia glitter. On the nail Endless Summer really looks like fire to me, or maybe the gorgeous golden-orange sunset at the end of a hot summer day.The formula on this one was fantastic, the glitter was evenly distributed and only needed two coats. This is shown without top coat or clean up.

Aqua Daisy Lemonade
Lemonade is a yellow creme base with a touch of shimmer, matte white bar glitter and hex glitter, yellow hex glitter, and big holographic hex glitter. The combination sounds like a lot of glitter but this although there is good glitter variety, they are sparse in the polish, overall a very cool effect. Unfortunately, Lemonade was the only polish in the collection that I didn't love. I'm not a huge yellow fan to begin with, and I'm not a fan of bar glitter so I wasn't expecting to love it. Shown is 4 coats and still a touch streaky so it will make a much better layering polish. No top coat or cleanup in the photo.

Aqua Daidy Sea Isle
Sea Isle is my favorite of the bunch! It's a blue-ish teal shimmer with a few gold hex glitter and big brown hexes. With a name like Sea Isle I really picture islands in an greenish blue ocean. Love this polish! This is two coats, but it could have used a third. Shown with no top coat or clean up.

Aqua Daisy Music Express
Music Express is a bright blue jelly with silver, red, and green tiny hex glitter. It's a really pretty polish, but I find I don't have much to say about it. I like it! Two coats, no top coat or clean-up.

Aqua Daisy Seaweed
Last but not least is Seaweed. Seaweed is a bright grassy-green metallic shimmer with little lime green square glitter, bigger lime green square glitter, and big brown hex glitter. The glitter is really unique, and a fun summer polish. Formula was nice, three coats, no top coat or clean-up.

Overall I'm very happy with this collection! With the exception of Lemonade, they had fantastic formulas and  have a great mix of jellies and shimmers. I can see these bright colors being a real hit as a summer collection.

Aqua Daisy retails $9.00 for a 0.5 oz bottle or $4.50 from mini bottle. The summer collection is just $21and can be purchased from Etsy. 

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