Paris Sparkles Election Day

Paris Sparkles Election Day is a white base, with large red and blue hex glitter and small holographic glitter. In the bottle this polish is gorgeous. Just the thing for a easy Fourth of July manicure!

Unfortunately, this is the first Paris Sparkles nail polish I've picked up that hasn't wowed me. It's very pretty. The white is nice and bright and the hex glitter is softly visible, unfortunately it just doesn't translate from bottle to nail as well as I had hoped. I'm not really big on bright white polish and the glitter is hidden in the white base. 

I picked up Election Day when it was first released in Paris Sparkles' Etsy shop, and I know this polish has been reformatted since then, with a slight formula change. I'm probably going to add some clear base to this once my suspension base comes in the mail to make it more of a white jelly, which is just more my style.

See how it just looks WHITE against my skin tone? I'm not pale enough for it to match or dark enough for it to fully contrast..

Paris Sparkles polish sells from Etsy and the shop will be opening up in August 2013! 

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