Real Gold Red Review (Part 3)

For the last two days I've reviewed the Real Gold and Real Silver topcoats by the brand Real Gold Inc. Today I have the last lacquer from their Holiday Collection to show you. This one is a red jelly nail polish with 22k gold glitter suspended within it.

Real Gold and Real Silver can be purchased online. Visit the Real Gold website by clicking here.

The red jelly polish was really quite pretty, it had a nice application and was opaque in two coats. The only sad thing about this polish is that the effect of real gold glitter is dulled a bit in the colored base. The glitter no longer has that intensely metallic/glittery finish to it. That being said it's still a gorgeous polish. For some reason red and gold together remind me of the holidays and ornaments hanging on a tree. I'll have to pull this one back out when the snow starts to fall!


This would also look great with a layer of the Gold Glitter top coat on top to just add a bit more gold to the mix. 


My one reservation with this polish is that unless you know that it contains real gold glitter you wouldn't say it was any different than your typical red jelly with glitter. What do you think, just another red? 

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  1. This is very pretty. I typically don't care for jellies, but this one gets my attention. :)