Zoya Carrie Ann Swatch and a Comparison

I think I'm in love with Zoya's reds... there are so many varieties: different shades, finishes, and hues. They're all so gorgeous that I just want to own all of them. So I've picked up yet another. This is Zoya Carrie Ann.

Zoya describes Carrie Ann as a "Light warm scarlet red with copper, gold, and pink-red foil metallic glitter." I really like this combination. It was opaque with one thick coat, but I used two which darkened the color to perfect bottle color. The flake-like glitter is a great finish because it has a lot of sparkle without being hard to remove.

Zoya Carrie Ann - 2 coats
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Zoya Carrie Ann  - 2 coats

Zoya Carrie Ann - 2 coats

While I was sitting around loving my mani last night I felt that there was something familiar about this polish. I kept thinking about it until suddenly it hit me... Nicole by OPI OMB! So I grabbed my swatch wheel and sure enough, the polish looked very similar. I did a comparison this morning.

Nicole by OPI OMB! and Zoya Carrie Ann

Index and ring: OMB! Middle and Pinky: Zoya Carrie Ann

Index and ring: OMB! Middle and Pinky: Zoya Carrie Ann

Formula comparison: Two coats of Zoya Carrie Ann vs. three coats of Nicole by OPI OMB!

While they are very similar, these two aren't dupes. OMB is a bit lighter in color than Carrie Ann and has a more typical gritty glitter rather than the flake-like glitter of Carrie Ann. OMB also looks like it has more yellow/gold toned glitter than the overall coppery pink glitter of Carrie Ann.

Zoya Carrie Ann vs. Nicole by OPI OMB! (notice the difference in glitter color)

These two aren't dupes but they are very similar. A red enthusiast can probably justify owning both shades but most people could probably get away with one. I'm a fan of Carrie Ann just because I love the Zoya formula and brush. Which one do you prefer?

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