Real Gold Review (Part 1)

I've seen several glitter top coats advertised as real gold, and they usually retail for a pretty penny. Gold glitter is fairly common, but making it out of real pure gold?

Sephora sells an 18k gold flake top coat that retails for $30. But if you like the idea of wearing real gold on your mani for less than half the price look no further. Over the next few days I will be reviewing the real gold and silver top coats from Real Gold Inc. These glitter top coats are 22k gold, making them more pure than Sephora's expensive concoction. Real Gold nail lacquer retails for $8.95 for a 15 ml / 0.5 oz bottle. Rather than buying an individual bottle I went with the Real Gold Holiday Collection which comes with one bottle each of clear topcoat, 22k gold glitter top coat, pure silver glitter top coat, and real gold red nail lacquer (you know how I feel about red).

Real Gold and Real Silver can be purchased online. Visit the Real Gold website by clicking here.

First up is the Real Gold glitter top coat. This is two coats of gold glitter over one coat of Essie Licorice. The formula was nice, fairly dense with glitter but easy to apply to the nails. It dries slightly bumpy, but nothing good top coat won't fix. 


The photos really don't capture how great this polish looks in person. I'm not big on gold polish or accessories, but this looks great! Now I just have to wait and see if I'll wear it very often.


How do you feel about wearing real gold on your nails? I think it's quite the novelty item, but on the bright side I know the glitter isn't going to bleed. :)

The Real Gold glitter is also reviewed by Goose's Glitter (a fantastic review that I recommend checking out if you are considering buying Real Gold).

See part 2 here (Real Silver). 

See part 3 here (Real Gold Red). 

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