I Love A-England Nail Polish, don't you?

Yep, it's that time again! I've hit 300 followers! Wow! Thank you everyone for reading my blog. :D

So let's have a giveaway!

Each person gets just one entry to the contest for being a follower. This giveaway is intended to reward current readers, not draw in a bunch more (although new followers are always welcome).

All you need to do is enter your GFC name accurately (this is the name that is displayed on the top right of your page when you log in to www.blogger.com).

If you follow via Bloglovin' please send me an email!

The winner will receive two A-England polishes of their choice! To see swatches of A-England polishes please visit their facebook page. The winner has until the end of the contest to decide which two they want!

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