Darling Diva Polish - Dangerous Driver

Today's theme of the 31 Day Challenge is violet. I interpreted this as purple (ish). So today I have the extremely complex and beautiful, Dangerous Driver by Darling Diva Polish. It's definitely a layering polish, this is two coats over Revlon Royal (a royal blue jelly with an impeccable formula and a strange smell in my opinion).

If you've ever wanted to see what duochrome shimmer and holographic look like together, this is it! Dangerous Driver has the red to green color-shifting shimmer of unicorn pee (click unicorn pee for more information on this popular nickname) as well as holographic particles. I believe the item description says linear holo, but the linear holo effect was very faint with both my daylight and direct sunlight, so I would consider this one more of a lightly scattered holographic. This color, with the gorgeous firey shimmer of unicorn pee and the bright light-catching holo particles, is extremely complex. It sparkles and it glows in bright light, while in dim lighting that amazing green shift shows up. I love it!

Darling Diva Polish - Dangerous Driver over Revlon - Royal

Color Shift

Darling Diva Polish - Dangerous Driver over Revlon - Royal

Darling Diva Polish - Dangerous Driver over Revlon - Royal

Darling Diva Polish (fb) is available from Etsy, and Dangerous Driver retails for $12 along with other holographic polishes. Glitter polishes, and the fantastic Ringer, the best Max Factor Fantasy Fire dupe I've tried, retail for $8.

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  1. Any chance you still have this polish and would be willing to sell it? If so, you can contact me at lindseyloveslacquer@yahoo.com. Thanks so much.