A Grey Gradient

To be honest, this gradient was a complete and utter failure. I've never tried gradient nails before, but somehow (probably due to the awesome tutorials) I expected it to be easier. It wasn't! I'm not sure if I purchased the wrong type of sponge, or if I just didn't have the patience for this technique, but it didn't work for me.

I started out with a coat of piCture pOlish PMT (the light grey near the cuticles) then attempted to do a gradient with PMT, Maybelline Color Show Impeccable Greys, and Sally Hansen Black Out. I made the gradient on wax paper, carefully dipped the sponge, then pressed it to my nail. I lifted the sponge and saw... nothing! None of the gradient had transferred from the sponge onto my nail, I was left with the plain light grey of PMT with a slight sponge texture. Maybe I didn't have enough polish, so I made my gradient on the paper using more polish, pressed the sponge to it (the sponge looked perfect) pressed it to another nail and... nothing!

With my schedule this week I just didn't have time to go out and buy a different sponge  for today so I did a gradient using the somewhat-dry nail polish brush. It looked a bit neater in real life than it does in photos, but it still wasn't too spectacular..

Grey Gradient
I should have done another glitter gradient, I love glitter gradients! But this challenge is about trying things I normally wouldn't, right?

Grey Gradient

Have you ever over-estimated your nail art skills and ended up with a failure?

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