Zoya Song with Polka Dots!

With my recent love of dotticures, I had fun with today's challenge prompt: polka dots!

I started with a base coat (singular coat!) of Zoya Song, a vivid blue shimmer. Using a dotting tool I added dots of Zoya Kimmy, and Zoya Tiffany. I then finished up with a thin stripe of Tiffany at the free edge of my nail.

I love the combination of blue and orange, they just look so pretty together. Both Kimmy and Tiffany are the flat sparkly glitter/shimmer hybrid that only Zoya has perfected and they looked really great on the blue base.

Zoya Dotticure

Zoya Dotticure

Zoya Dotticure

I just love the look of polka dots and how easy they are to do! I've gone from using paintbrush handles, toothpicks, and bobby pins to actual dotting tools, and it's amazing how much difference it makes. With my dotting tools I can always find the tool for the perfect sized dot. Do you dot? :)

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