Holo Stripes

First of all, a bit of business. My 300 follower giveaway has ended! The winner has been emailed and she has 24-30 hours to respond to my email. If she does not respond a new winner will be chosen. 

Second, this is my 200th post! Woot!! I can't believe I've made it so far!! Thank you everyone for reading my blog and looking at my pictures. :D I love you all.

Now on to today's post, stripes! I started with a base coat of A-England Saint George (just one coat since Saint George is amazing like that) then using a striping brush I added stripes diagonally across half my nail from both directions. From the right I used Jade Delirio Rosa and from the left I used Jade Fascino Violeta. It's not quite as stripe-like as I wanted, but it still looks cool. What do you think?

Stripes with A-England Saint George, and two Jade Holographics

The holo is a bit visible here

Holo Stripes!

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