Shimmer Custom Glitter Polish!

If you follow several nail polish blogs chances are you've seen a lot of the indie polish brand Shimmer Polish popping up. There are several reasons why you're seeing so many shimmer polishes around, the first being that the creator of Shimmer Polish, Cindy, is a marketing genius and knows that the fastest way to get her brand known is by getting awesome bloggers to swatch her polishes! However, the main reason that you are seeing so many Shimmer Polishes is that they are hands down the most awesome glitters I've ever used.

Not only are all of the Shimmer polishes absolutely gorgeous (and there's a wide variety of glitters available) but they have the best formula for a glitter polish. No more thick goopy glitters that are impossible to apply evenly, no fishing for glitter or dabbing it to spread it around the nail. The Shimmer polishes that I own each have a flawless formula, thin and easily controlled but incredibly dense with glitter. I don't know how she does it, but Cindy is not just throwing glitter in lacquer and calling it polish. I know when I look at the red glitters in my collection (which are plentiful) I reach for a Shimmer Polish every time because they're no trouble to apply.

Custom Shimmer  Polish

Ok, enough ranting and raving (but seriously guys, I'm amazed by these glitters) I want to show you a custom polish that Cindy created for me! When you order one of Cindy's custom colors she names it after you and asks what kind of colors you would like. I asked for red and black with a vampy feel to it. The polish that Cindy crafted for me (which arrived in my mailbox less than a week later) is perfect!

Custom Shimmer  Polish

This shade has a red jelly base packed with red glitter in all different sizes and black glitter in several sizes. The application was perfect, the formula was perfect, and it exceeded all of my expectations! This is two coats of gorgeous glittery vampy goodness.

Custom Shimmer  Polish

You can purchase Shimmer polishes for $12 USD from Etsy and custom creations for $15 USD and she does ship internationally.They are a bit on the expensive side of indie polishes, but worth every cent! (It's not often that I say that. I can think of several brands I've paid $12+ for and been a bit disappointed).  Also check out Shimmer Polish on Facebook or the Shimmer Polish Blog

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