OPI Your Royal Shyness Swatch

I've recently gained an appreciation for nude polishes. For the longest time I thought it was silly to wear nail polish that wasn't bright and colorful, but as a self-proclaimed nail polish addict I wear polish every single day. After a while you get tired of bright bold colors (and having to think about what you have to wear that won't klash with your nails). Since I love the feel of nail polish on my thin, fragile nails I opt for a nice nude polish rather than wearing no polish.

OPI Your Royal Shyness is a polish I picked up in my local grocery store. In the last month a small rack of OPI nail polish has popped up in the Bi Lo near my house. I have no idea why they are selling nail polish next to the band-aids, but I love it!

Your Royal Shyness is a sheer pearly shimmery nude. It's from the Princess Charming collection and I'm not entirely sure it's 3-free (although it does have the pro-wide brush). I wasn't going for an opaque finish, so I used three coats although I'm sure it would have been opaque in four.

I don't know what's up with me suddenly wearing neutral colors and wanting to see visible nail line! What's next? Boring french manicures?!? I hope not! :-P


  1. Peace, Love & PolishJanuary 28, 2013 at 9:07 AM

    This is a gorgeous nude color! I am just like you - I sometimes forget the beautifulness of a nice, neutral shade on my nails!

  2. This is beautiful. Sometimes we need to decompress and take a breath, that's what nudes are for, I think.... I like the VNL and I love french manicures, any kind, chevron, and funky Frenches!

  3. It is nice to have a break from brights sometimes. :) I always see someone in a movie/TV show with the soft clean manicure and it makes me want to break out my nudes. I've never been a huge fan of frenches, probably because my nails have always been so short!

  4. Colors are just more fun! I'm pretty sure all of my friends and family members think I'm sick when I wear neutral shades, but they are so calm and pretty. :)