Butter London West End Wonderland

I said I had a bunch of Butter London polishes to show you, here's another!

Butter London West End Wonderland is a gorgeous gold glitter. I've said it before and I always seem to say that I'm not a fan of gold, yet I keep finding gorgeous new colors that make me eat my words. West End Wonderland was one of the polishes available on Coterie quite a while ago, and with the deal they had I could get 3 Butter Londons for $11 and I took some chances on colors I normally wouldn't go for. I'm definitely glad I got this one.

West End Wonderland is very fine glitter mix with a combination that is subtle, yet incredibly sparkly. Instead of a yellow-gold that would clash with my skin-tone, West End Wonderland is a light gold glitter that looks almost tan mixed with tiny copper glitter.

The formula was great on this polish, it was almost opaque in two coats, and completely opaque in three. Like most dense glitters it dried rough and gritty. I used two coats of Gelous and one thin coat of Seche Vite and it was smooth as glass.

I just can't believe how sparkly this polish is!


  1. This is so pretty and sparkly! Love it!

  2. Thanks! I do too. :) This one was a lot of fun to wear during the holidays.