Pretty and Polished Sea Spray Swatches and Review

Today I have what might be one of my new favorite  polishes to show you! This is the gorgeous Pretty and Polished Sea Spray.

I am seriously addicted to this one guys. Sea Spray is a blue jelly base with a subtle (yet very apparent) holographic effect. This polish simply takes the cake, and might be my favorite blue of all time. For starters, the jelly base is so deep and dark yet bright and blue. The holo is beautifully linear yet takes nothing away from that deep blue base.

The formula was perfect, this is two smooth coats with top coat.

You simply have to see this one in person. If you're a blue polish lover, GO BUY IT! Seriously, buy it. Best $9 you will spend on polish.

Just look...

This is my second Pretty and Polished holo that was an instant favorite. I'm in love. Just seeing these pictures makes me want to wear this polish again and I've only just taken it off. 

Sea Spray was recently released as part of True Blue Duo, but is also sold separately for $9 on the Pretty and Polished website or Pretty and Polished Etsy Store.


  1. wow. i mean, i dont even know what to say but wow. that polish is crazy beautiful!

  2. Me too! <3. It's such an amazing polish.

  3. Oh shiZzzle that is some fine nizzle polish. I can't even talk right.

  4. It's just so pretty! You should see it in person.. gorgeous. :D