Happy Saint Patrick's Day: Pretty Serious Liquid Leprechaun

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! Just a short post today as I'm sitting around getting some work done while listening to relaxing Celtic music. P.S. you should really check out Pandora's Celtic music station, such beautiful music! Wearing green and doing my nails green was how I celebrated St. Patrick's day this year as I didn't have time for green beer or Guinness stew (which I made last year and it was delicious). :(

I went through all of my greens (relatively few in my large collection) trying to pick a green for today! I finally settled on the gorgeous Pretty Serious Liquid Leprechaun.

Liquid Leprechaun is a green jelly base loaded with different sizes of green and gold glitter. The gold glitter is holographic and it sparkles like crazy. It's everything you could want in a green glitter and more. Liquid Leprechaun is opaque in 2-3 coats, but I layered one coat thick over China Glaze Holly Day because I wasn't feeling quite that glittery today. The formula on this polish is very thick, I had to add a few drops of thinner and still found it to be thick. The bonus of the thick formula is a dense glitter easily opaque on its own.

One final photo, this one is blurry to try to capture that gorgeous holographic gold glitter in Liquid Leprechaun:

I had such a hard time deciding what green to wear for St. Patrick's day that I almost didn't wear green at all! How have you (or haven't you) celebrated St. Patrick's day this year? Did anyone get a delicious mug of green beer?


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    1. Thanks Katie! It really was. Nothing says St. Patrick's day like Liquid Leprechaun! :)

  2. I love this polish. I really have to buy it.

    1. It's worth it! The glitter is so much more sparkly in person, you have to see it. :)

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    1. It actually wasn't too bad! These photos are with just one coat of top coat (and it's still a bit textured but not rough). I actually expected it to be much worse, but I think I avoided much of that by layering it. :)