Ninja Polish Divinity Swatch and Review!

Ninja Polish Divinity is one of the most gorgeous polishes I've seen so far this year. This polish has all of the beauty of Max Factor Fantasy Fire / Unicorn Pee times about a thousand.

Divinity is a purple jelly base loaded with color shifting shimmer. It has so much shimmer that it's almost metallic in appearance. The base is purple, but this polish rarely looks purple. The shimmer glows red, gold, green, and every color in between making the polish look everything from burgundy to copper or green. The name is perfect because Divinity is absolutely divine!

With all of the shimmer, Divinity dries quickly to a matte-like finish. It's completely opaque in about 2.5 coats, (which means I got away with two coats on most of my nails but some nails needed a third coat). Unfortunately, I didn't have the best wear time on this polish. It started chipping within about 12 hours. I haven't heard any other issues with wear time, so it might just be my body chemistry. Different polishes work better for different people. I know I will still wear Divinity, it's so amazingly gorgeous, in the future I'll try different base coats/polishes.

Fiery red shimmer...

...amber gold....

....shifting to green...

Isn't it just gorgeous??

*Divinity is available from Ninja Polish for $11 USD

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