Week Long Gel Mani with Chevrons

What do you do when you get bored of a gel manicure that still looks flawless after 5 days? Add some nail art! This is a gel manicure that I wore for about a week when I was extremely busy. It's Gelish Rose Garden with some spectraflair added (the thought of wearing a plain creme for a week was too much, I had to franken). I then added chevron nail decals from Make It Stick Designs. If you've been reading my blog you probably have seen a lot of these nail decals from me, I'm a huge fan of them. They are so fast and easy to use with no mess or dry time, so they're my go-to when I want nail art and have no time to pull out my stamping plates!

These are the navy colored regular pattern nail chevrons. For application and an in-depth review of these decals please check out my review of the large pattern nail chevrons.

I thought a comparison of chevron sizes might be useful, so here is the regular chevron decals compared with the large pattern chevron decals. The regular chevrons have four thinner strips per decal and the large pattern have three thicker strips. They are both the same size and width, and fit nicely on wide nails (like mine). If you have very small or very narrow nails you probably want to go with the regular chevrons rather than the large patterns. 

I still can't believe I managed to wear the same color of polish for an entire week, even if I did add nail art! How long do you wear a manicure for before changing polishes? What's the longest you've gone?

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  1. I usually wear my gelish mani's 7-14 days usually want to change by 7 though! I've worn 18 day before but that's just because I had NO time lol yours looks amazing!