Butter London Posh Bird Swatches

Sometimes I see a swatches of beautiful polishes that inspire me to buy that polish instantly (usually spending more than I should, I typically don't pay retail for polishes). Butter London Posh Bird was one of these such impulse buys. I saw the gorgeous swatches by Essie of iHeartPrettyPolish and fell instantly in love. So in love that I immediately ordered it from Butter London's website for $15 plus shipping (which was quite expensive if I remember correctly) because I absolutely had to have this limited edition polish (I remember wondering how long limited edition polishes would last and freaking out that I might somehow miss it if I waited to order it). Why is it that when someone says limited edition it just makes me want it more?

So onto the polish, which I love, but sadly don't love as much as I had hoped. First of all, Butter London describes Posh Bird as a taupe glitter polish, and it most definitely is not. I think they should re-assess what they define as glitter polish because I consider Posh Bird a greyish-taupe shimmer polish. The shimmer is made up of big particles, which remind me more of foil particles than anything else. Posh Bird has the same exact finish as the gorgeous Butter London Victoriana.

The formula is the same as most Butter London polishes (and identical to Victoriana) which I happen to love, but I know some people don't care for. It's a nice thin yet opaque consistency that is easy to apply with their small short brush. This is two coats of Posh Bird with base and top coat.

Overall, the greyish-purple-taupe of Posh Bird didn't look the best with my skintone and I think I'm a little bit disappointed in it. It's beautiful, but not as unique as I was expecting and probably not worth the money that I spent on it. Sometimes though, you just have to have it.

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  1. This looks like a very unique shade of purple-grey... love it!