Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story Swatch

Do you buy indie holiday special edition polishes? It's one of my favorite things. When every indie polish maker has their own version of a St. Patrick's Day polish I just have to have them. The sad thing with these event polishes is that I usually don't end up wearing them before the holiday is over. That was the case with Darling Diva A Christmas Story.

Darling Diva A Christmas Story is possibly the most beautiful red and green glitter I've ever seen. The glitter particles are tiny and holographic and absolutely gorgeous. I've been told that this is the same variety of glitter in Darling Diva Pretty Serious (which I have yet to buy but it needs to happen soon). I hope that A Christmas Story is re-released next holiday season for all of you because it's really the prettiest thing I've ever worn.

This is two easy thin coats over a red creme (Deborah Lippmann Lady is a Tramp). Like most glitters it dries to a rough finish, but since the glitter particles are so small it only took one extra thin layer to get this glass finish.

Close up to see all of those beautiful particles:

Then blurry to show that amazing sparkle:

Do you buy holiday themed polishes? Do you actually wear yours before the holiday is over or tend to forget like I do?


  1. This is my absolute favorite Indie polish!

  2. I love this polish so much! And yes...if you love this one you will love Seriously Serious as well. She has two more that are similar Leprechaun's Gold (green/gold...which is absolutely to die for) and a red and purple (Hot to Trot) which I have been meaning to pick up. I'm a sucker for polishes like this (and yes...holiday polishes as well).