Barry M Red Glitter Swatches

It's mid-October. Are you ready for Christmas commercials, greeting cards, trees filling the aisles of your favorite department stores, music filled with sleigh bells, and advertisements for cars with big red bows on them?

Me neither.

But that doesn't mean I'm not rocking a perfect Christmas red manicure!

This is Barry M Red Glitter over Zoya Carmen (a blue-toned red creme). Barry M Red Glitter is a dense mixture of fine red-orange glitter in a clear base. It's the perfect sparkly red for the holiday season loaded with that tiny fiery glitter. I didn't notice how orange-toned the glitter was until I started taking photos of this in bright light. It's much more subtle in person.

This Red Glitter has a great formula, I used two coats of glitter over a base color and one coat of topcoat. Due to the small size of the glitter, I'm not sure how many coats it would take to be opaque on its own, I would estimate 3-4 thick coats.

Isn't it just gorgeous? Glittery reds are my weakness. :)