Go Green!

Hello lovelies!

I love March.  Why?  Because I am an Irish girl and love St. Patrick's Day.  It may be cheesy but I just think it is such a fun holiday.  So I wanted to share some swatches of some great indie polishes that are festive for holiday and well...green.  Green is definitely the color of the week for me!  I am pretty positive that all of these polishes are still available to purchase.  So if you see something you like, head over to the shops and Go Green :)

First is The Mean One from Sindie Pop Lacquers.  I wore this in 2 coats with a top coat.  Even though this polish was released as part of Jessica's Christmas line, it is perfect for St. Patty's Day.  A great white crelly with lots of green glitter.

Sindie Pop - The Mean One

Next is Sparkling Shamrock from Drip Drop Nail Paint.  I really love this shade of green and the subtle holographic sparkle.  This is part of Jessica's St. Patrick's Day duo.  She also has a fun glitter topper to go along with it.  I have on two coats with a top coat.

Drip Drop Nail Paint - Sparkling Shamrock

Third up is a gorgeous green jelly from KBShimmer called Green Hex and Glam.  Oh my goodness...look at this squishy dream!  Another polish from a Xmas collection, but it just screams St. Patrick's Day to me.  This polish was very difficult to photograph (a true test to a great polish).  I used three coats with a top coat. 

KBShimmer - Green Hex and Glam

Then I just had to mattify this...all epic jellies need to be mattified!  Wowza!!

KBShimmer - Green Hex and Glam matte

Another great green jelly from KBShimmer is Get Clover It.  This polish was from last years spring collection and it is a keeper.  Squishy jelly and circle glitter!  What more could you want?  I used three coats for this as well with a top coat.

KBShimmer - Get Clover It

Next is a true stunner from Pipe Dream Polish.  Green Light was part of April's Lorde Gatsby collection and it was a huge hit (as you can see).  There is so much holo goodness in this polish it was hard to concentrate on anything else but my nails.  Again, this polish was difficult to capture the true beauty on camera.  You will just need to see it for your self in person.  Two coats with a top coat here.

Pipe Dream Polish - Green Light

Lastly is a minty green called Tiffany Who from Bliss Polish.  One of the great features of this polish is that it dries matte and velvety.  It looks great matte.  But when you add a top coat, that golden shimmer is amplified.  I love this color!  I wore this with 2 coats and a top coat.

Bliss Polish - Tiffany Who?

So which green polish are you planning on wearing this week?  Do you have some festive green nail art planned for Monday?  You don't want to get pinched do you! 



  1. What a great plethora of colors!

  2. Oh I am so buying KBShimmer Green Hex and Glam. I've loved it since I first saw it on Kayla Shevonne's blog. *happy sigh. You should check out Girly Bits Fathomless, now that is an epic jelly. Like woah.

    1. Green Hex and Glam is totally worth getting! I will have to check out Fathomless.

  3. These are gorgeous greens! I especially love the KBShimmer's.

    1. KBShimmer really knows how to do a great jelly glitter polish. Thanks!

  4. i love this, its so suitable for st patricks day! i dont usually wear or buy green nail polish unless its for nail art, but whoahh bliss polish as amazing!

    1. All of the Bliss polishes are beautiful just like this one! You should try them out.