Morgan Taylor 2014 Summer Neon Collection

I'm really excited to share these Summer neons with you. If you aren't familiar with Morgan Taylor yet, be prepared to be blown away by these awesome pops of color!

Watt Yel-looking At?
The perfect neon yellow that is brighter than the sun! Great formula for being a neon. Dried to a satin finish. This is three coats, no undies and with top coat. Color makes me look super tan. 

Pink Flame-ingo
Pink Flame-ingo is a gorgeous bubble gum pink neon. Seen here is three coats, no undies and with top coat. I do not have a polish like this in my collection. 

Don't Worry, Be Brilliant
My favorite from the collection. It is a gorgeous neon coral that screams summer! It is not a dupe for China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. My original FFF is a tad more pink. The formula for this color was amazing! I did not have any problems with the formula. My skin is usually not this dark but I did not want to retouch my photos. I care more about the polish color be true. Seen here is three think coats, no undies and with top coat.

Go For The Glow
This is highlighter green if I have ever seen one. It is my least favorite from the group. I don't hate it. It is a really fun color, I just didn't like the way it looked on me. It will also be a great color come Halloween time. 
This is three thin coats. No undies and with top coat. 

Don't Touch Me, I'm Radioactive
I would call this one a dusty neon? It really is a great color. But it is not as bright as the others. I love blue and have no other color like this in my collection. It's a keeper anyway. Seen here is three coats. No undies and with top coat.

It's Electric
Last but certainly not least. This is my other favorite from these neons. It is super opaque electric purple. Probably the most neon purple I have seen. Formula was fantastic and almost a one coater. Seen here is two coats, no undies and with top coat. 

Overall this collection is so awesome! I love that none of these colors need an undie. Formula was great with all of them and the wide brush makes it easy to achieve a tidy paint job. 

Morgan Taylor is 3 Free and Cruelty Free. 

I will be posting these on my Instagram as well. Make sure you are following me there! Thanks for looking!! And let me know what you think of these.

This is part of my personal collection and purchased by me. 


  1. I am loving that coral one! (no surprise there)
    I also just love Morgan Taylor polish. Every one I have is gorgeous. I need to find some wplace near me that sells them.

  2. Don't Worry, Be Brilliant is also my favorite! It's so pretty.