Takko Lacquer - Babycakes

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Today, I have a quick little swatch for you from one of my most coveted Indie brands, Takko Lacquer.  I have been pining over Takkos and stalking restocks like a crazed addict since I started this whole crazy nail polish journey.  These polishes go so quickly at restocks that I have had to refrain from throwing my laptop across the room in frustration of not getting any polishes.  (yes...addiction at it's finest!).  But over the year I have grown my little Takkito army and they are still some of my most favorite polishes.  So you can imagine my sheer delight when Sheryl contacted to review some of her polishes.  I think I might have peed my pants a little with excitement.  (wow...I just got a little excited typing that out!  Is this real life?)

So here is the first of many Takko Lacquer beauties to share with you all!  Say hello to "Babycakes".  This is one of Sheryl's newest colors.  It is a dusty rose pink creme with a gorgeous golden shimmer.  There is also a subtle linear holographic shimmer as well which really helps to give this polish dimension.  I used two coats for this swatch but I probably could have gotten away with one.  I am usually drawn to warmer dusty pinks, so you know I just love this!

Takko Lacquers - Babycakes

Takko Lacquers - Babycakes

Takko Lacquers - Babycakes

Takko Lacquers - Babycakes

Gorgeous right??!?!  "Babycakes" sells for $13 from the Takko Lacquer store.  You can also get takkitos from MeiMei Signatures and Llarowe.  Be sure to keep up with restock info to get your hands on these babies.

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Amy "McPolish" McG


  1. I cannot tell you, how long I want my hands on some of these Takkos... They're so beautiful! :)
    I have to try to get them on the next restock.


    1. They are seriously hot items. Restocks can be tricky. But lord are they worth it!