Nayll Custom Polishes - The Peterson Girls 2.0


The fun thing about indie polish is all the cool glitter combinations you can get.  And indie makers do an amazing job at creating interesting combos.  But have you ever wanted a specific glitter combination and just couldn't find that exact polish anywhere?  Well, you are in luck!  Nayll is a company out of California that is set up to make custom polishes just the way you want them.  All you do it go to their site, select your base, then select your glitters or shimmers.  It's that easy!  You even get to name your polish and the name goes right on the label.  Such a cool idea.  And what is even better...the polishes don't suck!

I decided to make 4 polishes in honor of my four girl cousins.  Us second gen Peterson girls are amazing.  Just like the original Peterson girls, our mothers.  I am not sure how other families work, but in ours, cousins are almost as equally close and important as siblings.  I freaking love them!  Are you close with your cousins?  So, if you want to see the cool creations I made in their on through!

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish

Let's go oldest to youngest!  First up is "Dawn".  For this polish, I started with a Plum Jelly Base and loaded it up with gold holographic hexes of different sizes.  Then a splash of holographic spectral flare just pulled it all together.  I was super impressed with this polish.  It went on super smooth and was opaque in two coats.  It looked awesome with both glossy and matte top coat.  This polish turned out to be my favorite of the bunch and that makes me happy because Dawn is no longer with us and having an awesome polish for her...well...the feels man.

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish - Dawn

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish - Dawn - MACRO

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish - Dawn - Matte Macro

Next in line is "Laure".  For this polish, I try out the shimmers.  "Laure" is a metallic steel grey shimmery polish with a slight coppery shift at extreme angles.  I didn't really know what to expect with the shimmer polishes because I know that shimmer pigments can turn out frosty if you don't get the color combo just right.  Well this one was definitely more metallic than frosty which I like.  It wasn't exactly the color I expected but I was very happy with the outcome.  I mean, hello...grey!  The base color was Blueberry Jelly with Pink Coral, Chocolate Moose and Sky Blue shimmer.  Ha!  I used two coats with a glossy top coat for this swatch.

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish - Laure

Technically, I am third in line.  But I didn't make a polish named after me.  So we have "Tasha" next!  I knew I wanted to make a classic white crelly with glitter polish.  There are soooooooo many great white crelly glitters out there in the indie world.  I am not sure if this color combo has been done before, but I just put some colors together that I liked.  I started with the white crelly base and added matte pink and mint dots with silver holographic hexes and little navy hexes for contrast.  It turned out awesome!  It also was opaque in two coats and had very good glitter density

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish - Tasha

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish - Tasha - Macro

Last but not least is "Krissy", the youngest of the crew.  "Krissy" is a glitter topper in a clear base.  I used a combo of different pink and black glitters.  Some are matte and some are holographic.  This polish is glitter packed!! I used a single coat over white and grey polishes for this swatch.  Originally I used "Krissy" over "Laure" and it looked super cool.  But I could not get a flattering photo of it to save my life.  We all know, the more awesome the polish, the harder it is to photograph.

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish - Krissy

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish - Krissy - Macro

Overall...I was very happy with this polishes I created.  They was exceeded my expectation and application was great.  I would definitely create more polish through this company.  Would you?  What color combinations would you put together?  Let me know if you decide to create some. :)

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I hope you enjoyed these polish :)
-Amy McPolish McG

*polishes provided for honest review by the maker*



  1. These are so great! :) Tasha and Dawn are my favorites. I must say, I love my cousins, too. But I have two sisters and we are soooo close - they are just the best!

    And I also love the Nayll polishes, I did mine after my favorite book ever. :)

    Love Lotte

  2. I saw your creations Benigna! I really loved them. I kinda wanted that gold one :)

  3. I saw your creations Benigna! I really loved them. I kinda wanted that gold one :)

  4. Dawn is beautiful! I especially love it with the matte top coat :D