Takko Tuesday! - Let Them Eat Cake

Happy Takko Tuesday!

Tonight, I have a fun little glitter topper from Takko Lacquer to share with you.   "Let Them Eat Cake" was originally released last summer and has been on my wish list for a long time.  Takko doesn't has a lot of glitter toppers in their repertoire, there are only three that I can think of right now (Let Them Eat Cake, XOXO and Kitsch).  Sheryl is all about dat shimma!  But these few glitter toppers are always quite interesting.  "Let Them Eat Cake" is a clear based polish that is loaded with gold holographic hexes, satin mint and aqua hexes, matte white hexes and medium sized mint dots.  the combination of mint and gold is just so fancy and sophisticated.  I wore this manicure yesterday and was loving this glitter!  I used one coat of "Let Them Eat Cake" over Color Club "Look, Don't Tusk" and "In De-Nile" with a glossy top coat.  The glitter coverage was good for one coat and I didn't have to fish for the lager dot glitters.  If you want a denser glitter look, just do two coats.

Takko Tuesday! - Let Them Eat Cake - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Let Them Eat Cake - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Let Them Eat Cake - McPolish

Be sure to follow Takko Lacquer on their social media outlets to get up to date info on restocks.  There will be a restock of older colors soon as well as a restock to MeiMei Signatures.  Unfortunately, Llarowe is not stocking Takko Lacquer or other indie polishes anymore.

Takko Lacquer shop and restock info
Takko Lacquer IG
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Takko Lacquer stockists: Mei Mei Signatures, Femme Fatale

Yay, glitter!
- Amy McG aka McPolish

*glitter topper provided from review, base colors purchased by me*


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